Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guest Post: Welcome One and All


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and I hope you're looking forward to the official start of the 4th Annual Local Food Summit as much as I am. My name is Lukas Tasker. I'll be keeping you updated with what goes on at the Summit throughout the day tomorrow. A little about me: I'm a senior English major at Eastern Michigan University originally from the Dexter area, and I still live and work in Washtenaw County. I have no previous connection with the Summit or its sponsors.

My team and I have volunteered our skills to the Summit this year and part of the work are these guest posts. My goal is to observe and take part in the Summit as a greenhorn to report on what's happening for those that might not be able to attend or could otherwise use more information about the organizations involved. Of course this is subject to change, but we'll see how the day unfolds. Hopefully my newcomer perspective will be enlightening not only to myself, but to others curious about the Local Food Summit.

Feel free to leave comments and I might be able to address specific questions, too. Stay tuned!

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